Deep cleansing formula
Skin & Pores Refining

Erroten Mask Light creamy formula gives tired lusterless complexions a refreshed, radiant appearance. It helps to maintain elasticity.
This is deep treating mask get rid of blemishes by uses purifying clay to absorb impurities, minimize breakouts, and reduce excess surface oil. Skin-calming botanical soothe current breakouts and nourish the skin with anti-oxidants. Plus copper and zinc promote clear and healthy skin.


Quick Firming and Lifting
White Oil & Kojic Acid Formulation

Erroten Massage Cream rich in its ingredients in semi-greasy and nonstick which protects skin from cracks and keep skin smooth & healthy Kojic-Acid works as a skin whitening agent as well.

Erroten Massage is not useful only in aiding massage but it actually motorizes the skin as it does so. It offers vitamins & others ingredients like Croda Wax & White oil to add an extra moisturizing agent.

Gentle Scrubbing
with Round Scrubs for Smooth & Refined Skin

Erroten gentle Scrub will helps to effectively remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to let a more radiant skin through, while at the same time assisting the newly exposed skin to function better. It will remove dullness of congestion & will also refine the skin texture by doing so. Helps to reduce the size of the pores naturally

Give thin Coating of Erroten gentle Scrub on the Face, hands & massage gently for at least 5 minutes with wet fingers, afterwards wash off with face with face wash.

Creamy Cleanser
with Gentle Clay & Polishing Beads

Light & refining Facial Cleanser, It gently lifts dirt, makeup & impurities to leave the skin feeling soft, supple & smooth. These natural agents work at the very base of the stratum corneum, dissolving the cement that holds dead skin cells together. This allows for an increase in cell turn over & modifies the structure of new stratum corneum being made.

Give thin coating of refining facial cleanser on the face, hands & massage gently with wet fingers afterwards wash off with Erroten face wash.

Skin Healing Formula
Pores Cleaner, Makeup & Dust Remover

Erroten Toner is specially designed for the people with oily or acne prone skin or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other skin products such as sun screen. Erroten Toner is makeup and dust remover as well.

Recommendation Use Erroten Toner daily before going to bed to remove makeup dust bacteria and oxides. Addition of Vitamin E removes dead skin.

Face Wash
Creamy Sensation
with Kojic Acid & Vitamin E

Apply Erroten Whitening Face Wash to wet skin with gentle massaging strokes until it becomes lathery. After few minutes when face feels clean. Rinse with warm water & pat dry with towel. Use daily for deep clean & fresh face. For best results follow procedure with Erroten Toner to remove & residue & end with one of our vitamin-enriched to activate velvety soft skin, beautiful complexions being with clean skin, our whitening face wash is a super cleanser that removes makeup, pollutants, dirt & bacteria from deep within pores. Whitening Face wash is compounded with whitening extracts that gently loosen, dissolve & cleans skin deeply. Non-abrasive micro-scrubbers to exfoliate dead skin cells & citrus extracts that detoxify & eliminate impurities & excess oils. With daily usage you will look more beautiful & vibrant.


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